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Hello Acupressure & Wellness Fans!

In this video blog post, you will learn 5 common yoga poses (asanas) to tone and tighten loose skin anywhere on the body. Yoga is a widely known and practiced physical discipline developed in India thousands of years ago. There are many branches of yoga, the one we will highlight today is known as Hatha Yoga, the physical branch of yoga.

There are variations on all yoga poses to suit the beginner and veteran yogi alike. It doesn’t matter what state of health you are in, hatha yoga can be adapted to your unique needs!

5 Common Yoga Asanas To Tone and Tighten loose skin are:

  1. Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)
  2. Cobra (Bhujangasana)
  3. Upward Facing Dog (Urdhva Mukha Svangasana)
  4. Plank (Caturanga Dandasana)
  5. Bow (Dhanurasana)

TIP: Learn the “Sun Salutation” asana, Surya Namaskar. This fluid sequence of poses includes 4 of the 5 yoga asanas recommended here, as well as 3 others.

Practicing yoga asanas for as little as 15 minutes a day 3-4 times a week is enough to see improvements in muscle and skin toning and tightening. Focus on your breathing as you hold each pose and also when you move from one pose to the next. Breath control benefits the mind, emotions, and spirit and is as important as the physical exercise itself.

If you feel inspired to spend more time doing the 5 asanas featured here on a weekly basis (i.e., 3-4x @ 30+ minutes) you will see and experience significant shifts in the toning and tightening of muscles and skin throughout your body. If you are new to yoga consider starting by doing only Surya Namaskar (Search Youtube).

Commit yourself to a routine that suits you, do your best and watch the transformation happen!


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Upward Facing Dog

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