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Top 10 Acupressure Points for Neck and Shoulder Pain!

Learn the points most commonly used by Professionals in Pain Clinics worldwide!


Find relief from neck pain with acupressure.

     Congratulations for joining us on this journey of self-discovery! In this report you will learn and become familiar with what veteran acupuncturists believe are the Top 10 Acupressure Points for neck and shoulder pain. These 10 points are used on a daily basis in pain clinics throughout the world.

These powerful acupressure points are used by medical professionals from all walks of life, and from every corner of the globe.

Acupuncture, acupressure, physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic, osteopathic, massage, and sports medicine clinics use these potent acupressure points daily because of their historic indications and anecdotal effectiveness for pain relief. Pressing these points have the effect of increasing blood, lymphatic, and qi circulation throughout the body. At the same time they have a sedating, relaxing, and relieving effect on acute and chronic pain areas.

Stay close as we introduce these points by name, explain their importance, and guide you in locating them by common landmarks on the body. But before we dive into the fun part, let’s talk a little about neck and shoulder pain.

Common Causes for Neck and Shoulder Pain at Work


acute and chronic neck pain is a common condition treated effectively with acupressure massage.

      Neck and shoulder pain and muscular-tension is not new to most people, especially those working in office settings around the world. Indeed, everyone at some point in their lives has experienced at least mild neck and shoulder discomfort as the result of sitting at a desk for prolonged periods of time. Common desk work and its effect on neck and shoulder pain is compounded by hours spent daily on computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Stiffness, tightness, pulling sensations, muscular tension, and a feeling of difficulty when turning the neck and shoulders are sensations that develop from sedentary occupations. Our bodies were not meant to sit for long hours in a day. Studies show the detrimental effect this seemingly innocent body position has on proper posture and spinal health.

Other common causes of neck and shoulder pain include sleeping in an awkward position, prolonged holding of your neck, shoulder, or body in an unusual or uncommon position, or looking in one direction for a prolonged period of time.

#1 Reason for Neck and Shoulder pain outside of Work

Most people agree the biggest culprit responsible for neck and shoulder pain and discomfort outside the workplace is not the increased use of desktop computers and tablets, but mobile phone use. This is a growing trend. As the diagrams nearby indicate, body alignment and spinal posture take a devastating hit as the result of increased and persistent incorrect mobile phone use. Repetitive strain and repetitive motions as well as recreational and sports injuries round out the most common causes of pain and discomfort in this part of the body according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Learnproper-posture-and-body-mechanics-and-practice-it-throughout the-day.

Learn proper posture and body mechanics and practice it throughout the day.

Changes in spinal curvature due to mobile phone use.

These-spinal-changes-even-occur-in-young-people-who-develop-"Text-Neck". At-a-certain-point-it-becomes-irreversible.

These spinal changes even occur in young people who develop “Text Neck”. At a certain point it becomes irreversible.

With our necks in this abnormal position for hours in a day, our spines and shoulders adapt, resulting in a forward-positioned neck and shoulders. As the head leans forward off of axis the shoulders rotate-in and jut forward. Many physical therapists, sports medicine doctors, rolfers, and massage therapists agree this new trend and daily habit is the root cause of chronic and developing aches an-d pains in the neck and shoulders. If this postural pattern continues people develop what is known in physical medicine circles as the “Dowager’s Hump”. People begin resembling vultures!

Texting spine

If you have neck and shoulder pain now, you probably know how it came about. If this describes you, we have good news as you came to the right place! By following our simple treatment protocol, you will learn how to administer a simple but effective acupressure treatment using a handful of the most powerful and important points for pain relief.           This personal treatment along with a new awareness of proper body-mechanics and posture as seen in the diagram above and to the right, will help prevent these developments from becoming chronic in you and your loved ones. Without delay, let’s get started!


The first stages of “Text Neck” in a teenager.



Points will be divided by their location.

Local points (points in the area of the neck and shoulder):

GB 20Wind Pool” This point is located at the base of the neck, between 2 muscles, forming an indentation or “pool”. This location is known as a pool because it is susceptible to air-borne pathogenic influences that penetrate into the body here. Excellent point for neck pain and eye illnesses. (See diagram).


GB 20, found right behind the model’s fingers.

GB 21     “Shoulder Well” Located at the                                                                      height of the shoulder muscle (See diagram). Well refers to the deep concentrated channel Qi at this point, which has a profound effect on shoulder issues.





S.I.15Central Shoulder Shu” Located 1/2 way between the highest point on the shoulder muscle (GB20) and Cervical vertebrae 7 (the largest vertebral bump). Local point for shoulder, neck, and upper back pain (See diagram below, 2nd “X” from the right, in the red muscle).

S.I.14     “Outer Shoulder Shu” Located at the upper-inner corner of the scapula. This point is easy to locate, look for the area that protrudes in the upper inner corner of the shoulder blade. Excellent local point for neck, shoulder, and upper back pain. (See diagram to the left, lowest “X” on the right, in the red muscle)


 L.I.18Relieve Prominence” Located between the 2 muscles that run parallel to the throat, level with the Adam’s Apple. Excellent for neck pain especially when it’s hard to turn the head from side to side. (See diagram below; middle “X”)).



L.I.15 “Shoulder’s CornerLocated in the forward depression in the shoulder when the arm is raised. Excellent point for frozen shoulder, and pain with range of motion. (See diagram below; Orange dot on the forward indentation of the shoulder).

A young woman using her mobile phone for text messagingAdjacent Points (points adjacent to the area in question)

BL18 “Liver’s Hollow”. Located on the high-point of the thoracic erector muscle level with Thoracic vertebrae 7. Hollow indicates a container to hold qi intended for the Liver as it passes through. This point is included because of the effect it has on emotions and right shoulder pain, both connected with Liver function in Chinese medicine. (See diagram).   (NOTE: LOOKING TO LOCATE THIS IMAGE)


Distal Points (Points distal or distant on the arms and legs):

S.I. 3”Back Stream” When the fist is clinched the point is located at the cross of the red and white skin on the palm below the pinky finger. Powerful point for pain and stiffness along the entire spine. Stream refers to a large upwelling of qi at this point. (See diagram NOTE: WILL HAVE A HOMEMADE IMAGE FOR THIS PT)).

S.J.5 “Outer Border GateThis point is located “2 units” above the outer wrist along the centerline. 1 unit is the measurement from the tip of the index finger to the first joint, 2 units is twice this length. (See diagram).

 GB41 “Foot verge of Tears” Located in the depression distal to the junction of the 4th and 5th metatarsal joint. Find the space between the foot bones of the 4th and 5th toes  (See diagram to the right; pt 41). Powerful point acts as a gatekeeper to energy and circulation on the side of the body and thru the neck and shoulder. This point benefits neck and shoulder stiffness.


Applying the Points for a relaxing and relieving acupressure treatment

 This simple but effective acupressure treatment will start by using the farthest points away from the neck and shoulders first (i.e. distal points), then work the adjacent point, and lastly, the local points.

Make yourself comfortable before you begin this simple yet rewarding treatment on yourself or on a loved one. As you move through each point, go slowly, focusing your breathe and counting slowly up to 60. This exercise is meant to be relaxing for the giver as well, a form of meditation if you will.

Using a clean wash cloth or hand towel, wrap the foot and begin applying gentle but firm pressure on GB 41, one ankle at a time. Rotate the foot at the ankle with one hand, holding the foot by grasping the toes while you apply firm but gentle pressure with the other hand to the point. Do this for 1 minute. Switch feet and do the same.

Now do the same on SJ5, hold the hand by grasping the fingers –wrapped in the hand towel, and rotating at the wrist, all the while gently pressing on the point. Do this for 1 minute.

Next is S.I.3, follow the same instructions above. These hand points can only be done in the manner described above on another person. For self-treatment, apply direct pressure on SJ5 and SI3, and rotate the wrist actively (and not passively as done above).

Now onto the 6 local points. As you apply the same technique of gently pressing each point for up to 1 minute, rotate the head by placing one hand on the crown of the head, with the other hand pressing on points. Please follow the following order:




SI 15



     Remember to apply firm but yielding, gentle pressure on each point, focusing on your breath as you move along. Visualize and move with your own rhythm and tempo as you rotate part of the body with one hand and apply pressure to the point in question with the other hand. In this way your unique healing potential can activate these powerful acupressure points, some of which are often lying in a state of latent potential. Once activated, these points become the catalyst for change and transformation throughout the body.

Follow the order in which the points are recommended. See your results and maybe experiment with changing the order. Have Fun with it!

Wishing you the best in healing and wellness,

Acupressure and Wellness




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