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The #1 Acupoint For Men’s and Women’s Health!

Hello Health & Wellness Fans, In today’s’ blog post we will discuss what many acupuncturists and acupressure therapists consider is the one acupoint with most nourishing effect on the body, Spleen 6, 3 Yin Junction. Because this acupoint lies at the crossroads of the 3 yin meridians thought to form the foundation of life, the list of benefits is numerous. This point is at the intersecting point of the Spleen, Kidney, and Liver meridians. So stimulating this acupoint strengthens the corresponding organs as well as there functions according to Chinese medical thought.

Each organ system corresponds with a tissue of the body (i.e., bone, muscle, vessel, tendon, skin, etc), a fluid (lymph, blood, tears, perspiration, qi, etc), a season (i.e., kidney with winter, liver with spring, heart with summer, spleen with late summer, lung with autumn), a color ( kidney with black, liver with green, spleen with yellow, etc), a sound (the heart is laughter, the liver is shouting, the lung is weeping, the spleen is singing, the kidney is groaning) and an emotion (kidney with fear, liver with anger, spleen with worry, lung with grief). There are many other correspondences which make the study of Chinese medicine fascinating as well as a life long journey.

We hope you enjoy this short video post on Spleen 6, 3 Yin Junction, an amazing acupoint found on the inner ankle. Learn what it does, where it is found, and how to stimulate it. Apply your favorite salve, essential oil, or cream as you stimulate this acupoint and receive the healing benefits it imparts.

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