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Hey Health & Wellness Fans,

Got Shoulder Pain? Try this not so popular acupoint for relief! You want to know at least 2 effective and easy-to-get-to acupoints for shoulder pain relief. Why? Because according to anecdotal evidence and numerous studies shoulder tension, pain, and discomfort are very common.

Aside from helping yourself, knowing acupressure will allow you to be in a position to help a friend or family member experience simple relief from shoulder pain. Just by knowing a few acupoints you can offer natural pain relief from muscle tension, stiffness, or discomfort to others.

Wouldn’t it be great to have the know-how and skill to relieve shoulder pain with a simple to learn and easy to apply natural solution?

Got Shoulder Pain?

This video blog post is short and to the point. You will learn the precise location of acupressure point San Jiao 15 or Triple Heater 15. This very effective but not widely known acupoint treats neck, shoulder, and arm pain. It is located in the hollow above what is known as the spine of the scapula (shoulder blade). Its exact location will be seen in the video.

San Jiao 15 or Triple Heater 15 –also known by its Chinese name of Celestial Crevice, is found in an area of the shoulder where a common trigger point develops. It is located near GB 21 –another powerful acupoint for neck, shoulder, and arm pain. These two acupoints can be used to bring relief to the neck, shoulder, or arm at times when one experiences pain and discomfort hence, this is very helpful to know and use.

In The Shadow of GB 21 “Shoulder Well”

In a previous blog post, acupoint GallBladder 21 or Shoulder Well was mentioned as the most commonly used and recognized acupoint for neck and shoulder pain. Along with GB 21, you now know 2 effective local acupoints to relieve neck and shoulder pain.

We hope you find value in this video blog post. The short time spent familiarizing yourself with the acupoints and their location will go a long way when you apply what you’ve learned to help yourself or a friend.

4,000 Mile Oil Change

Always keep in mind that stimulation of acupoints is like a tuneup for the body: it improves the health and circulation of blood, lymph, bile, muscles, joints, tendons, and life-giving qi. In this way, acupressure contributes to the healing of aches and pains throughout the body.

Thank you for sticking around for another video blog post.

Wishing you the best in wellness!

Acupressure & Wellness

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